DOB: July 5th, 2014

Pictured as a three year old, second freshener (Nov 2017)

          *B Kastdemur's Maximum Ride
     *B Pella's Triple C Haka VG87
          SG Pella's Triple C Hula Hoop 3*M LA88VVEE
S: Haldibrook Haka Argo VG87
          Saada Jalal Ezikial
     Silvermoon Ezekial Fugitive EX90
          Newton Hill Ambrosia

          SGCH +*B J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy EX90EEE

     *B Lakeshore Intricate Play (EX93 3E)

          SGCH LakeShore FD Summer Intrigue 6*M LA91
D: Haldibrook Intricate Zendaya VG87/87
          *B Lakeshore Intricate Play (EX93 3E)
     Haldibrook Intricate Snooki VG86
          Lecheria KS Snazzy Stilletos VG85

Milk Test:
YearAgeDIMKg Milk BFProt Points
20172-10125.505.90% 26.52

YearAgeOverallRumpMSDSF & L

Notable Show Wins:

Victoria really stands out for her outstanding milk production, she earned 26.52 points on her 2017 One Day milk test beating both Sugar and Devlyn who used to have the highest points records in our herd.

She is a great doe to work with at home, but not so much in the show ring, she does not like showing or posing for picture, it's a shame as she is also a lovely doe that deserves more recognition that what the pictures shows. Despite all of this she managed to pick up a CH leg in 2017 and place on top of her classes in the very competitive Eastern Ontario shows. Let's just hope she produces a doe kid or two in 2018!

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