Terms of Sale

Thank you for considering and/or choosing a Haldibrook Nubian

Reserving Your Kid

  • When choosing a kid, please make a first and second choice. We would prefer that first and second choice are to be born around the same time. If there is a gap of  more than two to three weeks between the first and 2nd choice kids, we will accept the reservation only if the first choice is due to be born first to avoid holding up other reservations. 
  • To reserve your kid, we ask that you contact us preferably by phone or email to confirm the availability, then send a deposit of $100 per kid ordered. We can receive payment by email money transfer or thru our PayPal account (fermecaprix@hotmail.com - please make sure that you pay for the fees if using PayPal) or  cheque or cash. We will provide you with a receipt if requested upon reception of payment. Reservations are made based on the order in which deposits are received. A reservation will not be held without a deposit.
  • Prices listed on this website are for pre-ordered kids only. Prices are subject to change on kids that are not pre-ordered.
  • We reserve the right to retain a reserved animal for herd replacement in certain circumstances. If we are unable to fill your order or if the animal does not meet our standards of quality, your deposit may be transferred to another choice, carried over to the following year or refunded upon request. We will do our best to fill your order as close as possible as what was reserved but we ask that you keep in mind we are dealing with live animals and certain factors are outside of our control.
  • Deposits are not refunded on cancelled orders.
  • Once you are notified that your choice of kid is born, we do ask that arrangements be made to pick up your kid. Balance is due in full upon pickup and animals must be paid for in full before they are shipped anywhere. We will provide you with a detailed receipt.
  • We prefer to ship kids between 3 to 5 weeks of age. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs prior to time of shipping; including shipping fees, shipping crate and health papers or testing fees. We have a few used crates available to resell or we will do our best to find you the correct size at the best price, shipping back crates is unfortunately too cost prohibitive.
  • Immediately upon possession of the animal, the buyer takes full responsibility for well-being and husbandry of the purchased animal.

Seller's Responsibilities:

  • The kids will be disbudded and tattooed before they leave the farm.
  • We will execute the transfer of ownership registration under the requirements of the Canadian Livestock Registration Corporation to the buyer’s name within sixty days.
  • Kids can be delivered to the Toronto Pearson Airport  for a $50 fee. We can also arrange to deliver on an agreed upon location on a case by case basis.

Seller's Disclaimer

  • We are providing animals to our buyers on a "were is, as is" basis, and guarantees buyer that said animals is in good health, is free of injury or disease at the date of sale and is up to date on all vaccinations and deworming medications.
  • The animals is sold with the expectation that he/she will breed given proper care and nutrition at the right In the case of failure to breed, the situation must be fully substantiated by a physical examination and applicable medical tests performed by a licensed veterinarian and provided in writing to us. If the case is substantiated, we will offer a replacement animal of similar pedigree and breeding as soon as such an suitable replacement is available.
  • We make no guarantees or warranties other than stipulated above.
  • Any subsequent claims by the buyer, contesting our representation as to the health, physical condition, or breeding soundness of the animal purchased must be fully substantiated by a physical examination and applicable medical tests performed by a licensed veterinarian and provided in writing to us. We will not be responsible for veterinarian costs incurred by the buyer in obtaining such examination and tests.

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