DOB: February 22nd, 2016

Pictured as a kid (2016)

          ++*B Lakeshore Farms Doctor Luke
     +*B LakeShore DL Perfect Storm LA90VEE
          SGCH Lakeshore Farms Sierra Storm 4*M LA90VEEE
S: GCH *B LakeShore Perfect Roo Dandy EX94 3E
          *B Lakeshore Farms Just Dandy
     SGCH LakeShore Farms Dandy Tangaroo 4*M LA90VVEE
     GCH LakeShore Farms Just Tangy 3*M LA90VVEE

          Elishka Glacier Reflection
     Elishka RFM Glam's Impresario VG87
          Garden Gate Glamour
D: GCH Caprix IMP T-Sugar *M EX94 4E
          Caprix Double Thunder
     Caprix DT Tzatziki GP82
          Caprix VGB Shanel VG87

Milk Test:
YearAgeDIMKg Milk BFProt Points

YearAgeOverallRumpMSDSF & L

Notable Show Wins:
Kortana is another tall and long Dandy daughter. She kidded with a very nice udder, great deal of milk and sweet disposition. She did her *M while she was very fresh and barely missed by .68 points. We are looking forward to see what she has in store for us in 2018!

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