DOB: April 19, 2006   

Picture of Scarlet as a 8 year old 8th freshener

          Anin's Country Squire (EX)
     Anin's CS Vagabond (EX 2E)
          Anin's Lianna BGS *P (VG88)
S: Caprix Nordik Might
          +*B Regehrs Alginon's Ace AI 3E

     GCH Blue Thunder Ace Naomi *M (EX/EX)
          Borderline Sun Wynona *M (EX/EX)

          GCH ++B 4B Smooth Dandy Supreme

     *B 4B Supreme Peachy Smoothy (EX)

          SGCH 4B Smooth Peachy Keen 2*M
D: Dagron Smoothy's Mirthful *P
          Pheonix Farm Smooth Katkin

     Dagron Katkin Lotsa Laf

          Dagron Silver Glee

Milk Test:
YearAgeDIMKg Milk BFProt Points

YearAgeOverallRumpMSDSF & L

Notable Show Wins:
Permanent Champion
BUIS @ Binbrook Fair 2014

Scarlet is a very stylish and dairy looking doe, she sure has a youthful appearance, especially for an 8 year old, she reminds us a lot of her paternal grand dam "Naomi". She is one of these rare does who just keeps on getting better as she ages. Really something that we admire about her. 

We love her long lean neck and her powerful, yet feminine head. Scarlet excells in dairy character, having sharp withers, flat bones and soft pliable skin and have these prominent milk veins all over her abdomen.  She is long and straight in the back and has a beautiful rump, being very level especially from thurl to thurl. We also admire Scarlet's strength in the feet and legs, she has strong pasterns and correct angulations in the rear legs when viewed from the side. Scarlett has a very pretty mammary system; globular in shape, with a high and wide rear udder, smoothly blended into her escutcheon and a snuggely attached, smoothly blended fore udder. She has very correct teat shape, size and placement.

Scarlet has not been very generous with daughters yet, so we hope that she will have a doe kid for us in 2015.

Bred to : 

Pictures of Scarlet as a 7 year old 7th freshener                      


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